Stay Interviews: 3 Essential Skills

Posted by Ashley Beaudoin on Dec 18, 2020 12:50:13 PM

premednav-interview-gettyimages-139977634.jpg__350x231_q85_crop_subsampling-2_upscaleNow that you’ve taken time to investigate the idea on implementing stay interviews to help retain your workforce, to the next step is to explore the types of skills you will need as an interviewer. Being a successful leader includes holding meaningful conversations - a skill that requires effort and practice. Instead, there are a handful of proven skills that transform the ordinary into extraordinary.

The following are three key skills that will make your stay interviews a success:

  • Building Trust - At a granular level, building trust fosters open communication, allows for reliability and consistency, as well as boosts confidence in others. All of these will begin to surface when a leader’s actions and words align.
  • Actively Listen - During a stay interview, it is key to be silent while the interviewee is speaking. This will aid in receptivity and a better understanding of the information they are sharing. In addition, the other part of actively listening is to demonstrate what was heard. To check for understanding, follow up with something such as, “If I understand you correctly, you are saying…” or “What I think I’m hearing is…”.
  • Investigating Information (probe) – During conversation, the interviewee might share that they are “so stressed” or even “super busy.” Rather than brushing the thought off, or completely dismissing it, take a deeper dive on the comment. To do this, ask additional open-ended questions (e.g., “can you share an example of…”). Ultimately, you should seek to understand other’s full perspective.

As you strengthen the necessary skills, such as those listed above, remember that these will assist with not only conducting effective interviews, but they will also assist with creating the components needed for an impactful stay plan. Therefore, you will remain the employer of choice.

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Ashley Beaudoin

Written by Ashley Beaudoin

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