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Posted by IMEC on Sep 17, 2020 9:00:06 AM

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Vintage is all the rage, but out-of-date details on your website are never in style. Your site is filled with important information about your business. In many ways, it becomes your round-the-clock salesman, accounting for much of the decision-making process conducted by potential customers. Ensuring website content is up-to-date and reliable is key in establishing legitimacy and trust - making the difference in gaining a new customer, or losing a sale. Here are the 5 areas of your site which might need updating. Some of these are “quick” fixes, while others may require a bit more effort. Regardless of time involved, each item on this checklist is valuable to your digital presence, and should be reviewed for accuracy:

1. Hours of Operation

During the summer, holidays, or any period of change within company structure, hours of operation can change-and this should be reflected on your site. If potential customers are searching for this information, it is a “green light” buying sign that they want to engage with your company and take the next step in the purchasing process. Especially during non-typical events, keeping your hours of operation accurate immediately sets the tone and instills confidence.

2. Contact Details

Your website probably includes contact information for your company, as well as key team members. Be sure to keep this information up-to-date. Whether it is your main company phone number and/or customer sales/support email addresses, ensuring this information is correct helps to avoid frustration and distrust.

3. Copyright Dates

Usually found in the footer (the very bottom of the page) of your site, an out-of-date copyright year is a key indicator to a site visitor of an abandoned site. Though a small detail, it becomes a larger issue when a potential customer begins to question, “Is this information reliable if the website hasn’t been updated in that long?” An easy way to check this off your list? Set a reminder every year for the first week of January to coordinate with your website developer.

4. About Us Page + Team Photos

Your website is a great place to highlight your company culture - and your About Us page is the prime spot! If your site includes team photos, as group shots, individual headshots, or both, be sure that they accurately reflect your team. By keeping photos current, you’re sending the message that your people are valued and providing a point of reference for your customers to know who they are working with on a daily basis. Turnover is natural, and new hires are exciting, and this ebb and flow within your company will help keep your website fresh. The About Us page is where you can tell your story-highlighting your brand promise, your company history, and what differentiates your company culture from the rest.

5. Capabilities Page

Last, but most importantly, your Capabilities page should contain all of your current products and services. While all of the copy and images on your website should be search engine optimized, the content on your Capabilities should also clearly explain what you are now offering. The information found on the Capabilities page is what most customers are looking for when they visit your site, so keeping it clearly written, and up-to-date, is vital.

Make sure your customers find accurate information about your company by keeping these five areas of your website up-to-date.

Looking for help with these areas, and the rest of your website? Contact IMEC.

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