How Manufacturers Are Using Online Marketing to Do More With Less

Posted by IMEC on Mar 30, 2022 11:00:41 AM

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Benefits of Marketing Automation

Looking for ways to achieve consistent manufacturing sales growth? This post introduces B2B digital marketing strategies that we’ve seen generate more than $100M+ in sales for our industrial manufacturing partners. This method gets results!

So, if you’re seeking solutions for sustained manufacturing sales growth with less effort and time, read on!

Then, learn even more about putting digital marketing strategies into action in our manufacturing sales growth webinar produced in partnership with IMEC (the Illinois Manufacturing Excellence Center).

Core B2B Marketing Plan

Make Customers 

  • Know your buyers and map the buyer’s journey
  • Provide the content your buyers crave
  • Generate leads (SEO, SEM)
  • Manage leads (lead nurturing, scoring and prioritizing)
  • Convert leads to sales

Manage Customers 

  • Make it easy to find you
  • Stay top-of-mind
  • Make online interactions easy for customers and your team
  • Forge deeper connections online and offline over time

Monetize Customers 

  • Strengthen relationships through trust
  • Up-sell and cross-sell
  • Deliver more value to your customers
  • Increase customer lifetime value for your company

Strategic Use of Data = Success

All of these B2B marketing objectives require data.

Digital data points collected from your website, social media, email, and sales interactions in the customer relationship management (CRM) platform add up fast.

How do you manage all of that data, know what it means, and take action on it at the right time with the right message?

The answer is marketing automation.

Benefits of Marketing Automation for B2B Digital Marketing

Time and again we see the following benefits when manufacturers implement marketing automation:

More Leads

  • Higher flow of leads through better optimized content
  • Integrated content strategy across channels drives more traffic

More efficient use of marketing and sales resources

  • Marketing automation frees marketers to achieve more
  • Greater use of sales team time by focusing on qualified leads

Stronger sales growth

  • Improved conversion rates due to personalized content and timing
  • Seamless handoff between marketing and sales retains more prospects

We hope this introduction to our approach to B2B digital marketing strategies helps you think of ways to achieve your sales growth goals. We’re also thrilled to partner with IMEC to bring you this webinar. Join us for more details on how to do more with less in online marketing and sales.

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