Change is Crucial, Attitude is Everything

Posted by IMEC on Jul 22, 2019 12:16:07 PM

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“We can’t change the world until we change the people and we can’t change the people until we change ourselves.” – Paul J. Meyer, founder LMI

Change is crucial to learning and growing. It is your attitude to change that allows you to become more of the person you want to be. Making small, positive and continuous changes to your attitudes and habits will improve your productivity and performance. This, in turn, results in greater success – not only in the workplace but also in your personal life. In the words of Max de Pree, “We cannot become what we need to be by remaining what we are”.

LMI Chicago’s employee development professionals will work with you and your organization to develop and grow leaders and the organization to their full potential. People are your company’s most valuable asset and leadership is critical to fostering a culture of motivation, process improvement and innovation in the workplace. Not only is this beneficial for the company, but employees find their work more fulfilling and satisfying.

Clients have many reasons for working with LMI Chicago. Here are just a few:

  • A need to manage their time better
  • A desire to improve productivity and efficiency
  • To become better organized at work and in life
  • To get better at communicating
  • A better work-life balance and to have time to do the things they love
  • A healthier bottom-line.

If any of the above is on your wish-list, LMI Chicago will show you how to turn your wishes into goals and your goals into reality. Once you’ve set your goals, you’ve started your journey to success!

“Change is hard, but if you’re guided through the change, it is so much easier to accomplish.” – Rene De Coning, EVP, Employee Development, LMI Chicago

If you want to become more productive, change the way you work, improve your organization or change the way your team operates, our partners at LMI Chicago is committed to helping you create the change you need both personally and professionally.

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Making small, positive and continuous changes to your attitudes and habits will improve your productivity and performance.





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