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Pivoting & Managing a Crisis:  Effective Business Continuity Plans

Posted by Mike Waight on Apr 20, 2020 2:53:05 PM

With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic crisis that came upon us just a few short months ago, now more than ever, manufacturers need to develop and implement an effective business continuity plan if they have not already done so.  While many companies who are ISO9001:2015 registered are required to identify risks and opportunities, as well to develop a response plan and integrate the response into their quality management system; this level of planning is wholly inadequate to support their needs under our current situation.  This is because ISO9001 asks a company to identify “what they will do IF something happens”, but now companies need to have a comprehensive plan to manage the business through the crisis now that it HAS happened.


Continuous Quality Improvement: Lean and Six Sigma

Posted by Mike Waight on Feb 23, 2011 11:36:14 AM

Written by Mike Waight. IMEC Regional Manager 

Over the years, operating and management strategies have taken on new names, new packaging and even become their own “fads” within industries.  Who can forget Quality Circles in the late 70’s or TQM in the 1980’s?   Today, there’s TPM, TPS, Lean Manufacturing, Six Sigma, Training Within Industry (TWI), and Value engineering.  There’s ISO, TS, QS, AS 9100.  There’s SPC, PPAP, APQP, fishbones, paretos, scatters, and many hundreds more.

Regardless of what you call them or what buzz words are attached, most companies want to deliver products of impeccable quality, on time, at costs that will generate the highest profit margins.  If the pursuit of these goals is viewed as a short-term strategy, with a defined life span, it doesn’t fit the most appropriate and impactful name of all:  Continuous improvement.

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