9 Tips for Attracting College Talent

Posted by IMEC on Oct 18, 2021 3:34:10 PM

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Local and regional colleges are terrific places for recruiting entry-level talent. Here are nine tips for getting the most out of your college recruitment program.

1. Work on Recruitment All Year
College students begin looking for internships and jobs long before they graduate. Therefore, it’s important to form strong relationships year-round through a variety of tactics.

2.Strengthen Your Brand
If college students do not recognize your company, they are less likely to apply for an internship or a job. That’s why strong branding is a crucial element of successful recruiting. You will want to develop a solid brand identity and then use it consistently at every touchpoint – online, in print, and when meeting in person.

3. Market with Social Media
The college students you’ll be targeting over the next few years are part of Generation Z (a.k.a. Gen Z). Members of this generation learned to use the Internet at a young age, which means social media is one of the most effective methods for reaching them. The best way to do that is to post bite-sized, informative content frequently on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Tell your story with engaging photos, testimonials and updates. Share your mission, your culture, your people. Avoid marketing speak and, instead, make wording sound friendly, helpful, and authentic.

4. Invest in Videos
Take a tip from how colleges recruit: They know that video marketing works effectively to promote the “college experience.” You can do something similar by using short videos to promote your “company experience.” Highlight things that matter to soon-to-be graduates – e.g., a welcoming culture, professional growth, advanced technology, sustainability practices, work-life balance, diversity and inclusion, and opportunities to make a meaningful difference. Then post your videos on your website and social-media pages.

5. Participate in College Job Fairs
Colleges schedule job fairs throughout the school year. These events allow you to capture the attention of a large number of students and meet face to face with them. Bring along a recent college hire who is well-spoken and able to interact easily with students. Gather students’ contact details, so you can correspond about job openings. And, hand out giveaway items imprinted with your logo to help students remember you.

6. Collaborate with Campus Career Centers
The staff at these on-campus offices help students learn about industries, explore professions, and connect with companies that offer internships and jobs. By partnering with campus career centers, you may be able to gain greater visibility among students by posting open positions, arranging speaking engagements, participating in networking events, hosting plant tours, and offering job-shadowing opportunities. Try to foster friendships with key faculty members as well, as you become involved with career-center activities. They can help steer you toward stellar students.

7. Work with College Organizations
Connect with college clubs and honor societies that relate to your industry or have a general business focus. Ask how you can get involved with networking opportunities, such as meetings, events, and casual mixers where you can scout promising students and represent your company. You also can ask organization leaders to recommend specific candidates who may be a good fit for your workplace.

8. Hire College Interns
Internships can help your company attract and retain new talent by providing on-the-job learning opportunities. Student interns benefit by gaining confidence, honing their skills, learning how your company operates, and acclimating to your culture. You benefit by helping them picture themselves as full-time employees, which can lead to future job commitments.

9. Simplify Your Application Process

Make it as easy and engaging as possible for any soon-to-be graduate who wants to apply for an open position.

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