Why do businesses translate their websites and marketing material?

Posted by Amy Fitzgerald on Mar 12, 2018 10:37:00 AM

Written by Rick Wysocki, President of Language SI

What language do you speak? 75% of internet users have reported they search using their native language even though they may speak English as a second language, and likely speak it very well.  Let's look at a few of the benefits of offering multiple language options on your website for your current/future customers.

Map showing welcome in different languages on white background.jpegAccurate Information – with accurate translations about your products, company, people and history you are leaving less to chance what the non-English speaker, with a limited English vocabulary, may decipher from their interpretation of your material. With accurate translations you control the message!

Growth – local markets can become stagnant and many companies have taken a global approach to keep profits and revenues growing.

Improved traffic – today’s business strategies revolve around website analytics – and increases have been measured from new searches or website visits by non-English visitors.

Competition – do your competitors have a multilingual website? Offering language options on a website or product brochure will help you stand out.

These are just a few of the benefits gained from having your material translated - but beware - there may be negative results if your material is not accurate!

For example, one of the biggest mistakes a company can make is engaging Google translate for any important, publicly viewed material and assuming it's correct. The best way to describe Google translate is this – it’s simply not accurate enough to (safely) represent your company. Sure, if you personally want to see an overview or understand an idea, it may work just fine. But never rely on it for anything technical, legal or instructive!

Google translate has also been known to affect a company’s image in a negative way; the perception is they are not taking their customers language or culture seriously. Language is more than a machine generated collection of text; it has feeling and meaning that cannot be captured without the human connection.

We have all read directions on how to assemble a product that was made in another country, that makes no sense or that is written so poorly they make you laugh. Do you want potential clients feeling that way when they view your website? I cannot say I have ever heard a company state "since we started using Google translate we have increased our revenue and profit." Google translate is free and easy, but not always accurate!

Language SI logo-374417-edited.jpgFor additional information about enhancing your web presence using language translations, please contact Rick Wysocki at Language SI at rick@languagesi.com or call 708-966-4176.

Language SI is a full-service translation firm specializing in international translation used to create authentic communications for global industries. http://languagesi.com/

Amy Fitzgerald

Written by Amy Fitzgerald

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