Training within Industry - Job Instruction (TWI-JI) During a Pandemic

Posted by Ed Huey on Sep 11, 2020 2:50:23 PM


During step 1 (Preparing the Worker), you are responsible for putting the person at ease to start the training. This may be a good time to discuss any concerns the learner my have about the current situation with Covid 19. Perhaps introduce all the safety measures your company has taken to keep the participant safe during this pandemic. 

TWI JI card

Also in this step, the learner needs to be in a good position to observe the task they will be learning. Consider how this can be done while observing safety precautions and social distancing.

In step 2 (Present the Operation) - and while stressing the key points throughout the training – you need to cover potential injuries that can occur. Use this time to discuss not only the standard safety concerns related to the task, but also to cover additional precautions the learner needs to take considering the pandemic.

As the learner is performing the tasks in step 3 (Try Out Performance), ensure the learner can explain the precaution they must consider and follow.

Finally, during step 4 (Follow up), ensure the learner has continued to follow the safety rules that your company has put in place for their pandemic response.

Please remember if the learner has not met expectation on the task it is because the instructor hasn’t done an adequate job of teaching. In other words, if the worker hasn’t learned, the instructor hasn’t taught.

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