Success Leaves Clues

Posted by Maria Moran on Apr 28, 2020 11:33:45 AM


A lot has changed over the past few weeks (I know – I sound like Captain Obvious) and the ripple effects of this crisis are yet to come. We are all entrepreneurs again.

What will your business look like in 3 or 6 months? How about in 2021? How will we prepare our teams and leaders appropriately? The questions go on and on, and while the unknown answers are unnerving, there are some constants that we can lean on for guidance as we work together to create our new norm.

We may all be entrepreneurs again, but we do not have to rebuild blindly. Excellence leaves clues.

As Leaders, ask yourselves these fundamental questions at the start of every solution:

  • Do I know how engaged my employees are? Remember engagement is not simply satisfaction. Do not assume to know what your employees are thinking! Do a pulse survey to gain anonymous feedback.
  • Are you serving only your desk or are you serving your internal customer as well? Strive to create integrated systems rather than siloed, departmental solutions. Siloed responses typically create waste and are not as efficient. Now is not the time to create waste. Speaking of waste – one of the 8 Wastes is wasted skills! Use this time to tap into the skills of your employees and allow them to engage in, and be part of, the solutions.
  • How will I know the results of my efforts? Measure, Measure, Measure! One word of caution – be intentional with these measurements. Do not over complicate gathering the facts.

Finally, in situations where the questions are more abundant than the answers, I often look to the National Baldrige Award winners for inspiration. These award recipients have created integrated systems that set their mission in motion - each in their own unique way.

Contact IMEC for more information or guidance in using tools like the Baldrige Excellence Framework to help you prepare for the new normal.

Maria Moran

Written by Maria Moran

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