Strengthening your Quality System Post COVID-19

Posted by Jesse Brady on Jun 26, 2020 2:19:29 PM


As Illinois manufacturers settle back into a “new normal” there is no shortage of responsibilities weighing on our minds. One area that can easily get overlooked as we move through this uncertain time is your Quality Management Systems (QMS). With our focus elsewhere, new procedures or training can get implemented without proper documentation. We can get behind on our internal auditing schedule. Or we lose sight of action items from prior meetings and audits.

Below is a short checklist of areas in your QMS that could have been affected by the pandemic. It is in no way a comprehensive list, but it is a good start to get you thinking about how COVID may have affected your system.

Risk Management

  • New Risks identified
  • New Opportunities identified
  • Review past Management Review minutes/Conduct new Management Review


  • All gauge calibrations up to date
  • Verify outside calibration services are open & their current lead times

Supply Chain

  • Critical suppliers open and operating
  • Update any new lead times
  • Identify and vet new suppliers where needed
  • Update supplier lists/scorecards as necessary


  • All employees trained and understand new processes/procedures
  • All training documented

Document Control

  • Any new documents created are controlled and retained per requirements

Internal Audits

  • Review past audits for open action items
  • Audit schedule up to date
  • Follow up with process owners on upcoming audits/reschedule as necessary


As you can see there is no shortage of considerations that need to be thought through as manufacturers move forward post COVID. Spending time now on updating and strengthening your QMS will undoubtedly pay off in the long run. A strong QMS will help prepare your organization for the unexpected.

IMEC has team of improvement specialists eager to help your organization through these difficult times. Our team has extensive experience improving quality systems through gap assessments, internal auditing, and fully compliant implementations. Contact IMEC today for any assistance regarding your QMS or anything else weighing on your mind.

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Written by Jesse Brady

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