Posted by Lori Amerman on Jun 14, 2024 12:45:40 PM

June is National Safety Month and IMEC is one of many organizations that participates to provide our team and network a focused emphasis. The second theme for 2024 is Roadway Safety. 

Roadway safety is a common hazard among many industries. Some have daily hazards of workers directly on the road that need extra training, flagging and barrier equipment and reflective PPE. Most of us have at least some employees traveling for work to offsite locations. That is the biggest consistent hazard for the IMEC team. All of us have employees traveling to and from work.

Motor vehicle crashes are a leading cause of death and kill over 100 people every day.

Take the opportunity with National Safety Month to engage your team on defensive driving, including limiting distractions such as technology. I have often been in traffic wondering if the swerving driver was drunk or texting. Then you pass the person and realize TEXTING!

This is also a great time to review your safety and health programs.


Are new hires brought on the team with expectation training?


Does your team have protocol about traveling during inclement weather?


Are you following your own policies for driver certifications, training and vehicle maintenance?


Can you introduce any fun into the topic? I had a client who met her teammates at the gate as they arrived at work. The Safety Committee handed out candy to every vehicle. Smarties to those wearing their seatbelt and Dum Dums to those not belted. Sometimes a simple polite reminder can reinforce the right behavior. Catch someone doing something RIGHT!

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Lori Amerman

Written by Lori Amerman

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