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Posted by Amy Clary on Dec 2, 2020 12:50:23 PM

trainignResearch shows that there continues to be an on-going shortage of skilled employees. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, everywhere you went there was a “Help Wanted” sign, and even during COVID-19, there is still a shortage of skilled employees. So, what do you do about it? The first order of business is to highly engage the team you have, and the second order of business is to create a highly skilled, energized team of producers.

Just like a diamond, people come with many different facets. So how do you polish and “set” your “diamond” in settings that will bring out their brilliance. Where do you first mine the diamonds in your company? Mining and sorting diamonds is a lengthy process, and you must look at each “diamond” individually to see how to get the most from them. Why do we take the time to sort these diamonds? Is it because of the value they bring when they are polished? Is the extensive time we take worth the effort? All good questions around diamonds and the answer to the question is unequivocally, yes!

Shouldn’t this be the same for our employees? Shouldn’t we take the time to polish our diamonds? There are many ways you can bring out their brilliance, so recommit to training:

  • Start with Engagement Surveys to identify the gaps between company values and their values.
  • Understand what the true needs are and align them.
  • Use a DiSC personality profile to understand how your employees think and what energizes them.
  • Implement a Leadership Needs Analysis to see their “clarity” and “shape” them into the brilliance they can be.
  • Use the TWI methodology to cross-train your team to add to their value and show them their beauty.
  • Most importantly, invest in their training, such as Tooling U and Safety to help make them shine.

Once you’ve set your diamonds, do not ignore them, but check the settings regularly to make sure they will not fall away. IMEC can help you develop your training programs to strengthen and engage your workforce. Get in touch today!

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Amy Clary

Written by Amy Clary

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