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Posted by Simone Erskine on Feb 25, 2020 8:03:00 AM

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Who is StratMarketing Group?

StratMarketing Group (StratMg) is a demand generation company that places high value on building authentic relationships with customers and partners.

Prior to starting StratMg, Parin Mody contributed to deploying one of the first implementations of Voice-over Internet Protocol (VoIP) in the United States. From there, he transitioned into product marketing within manufacturing that eventually led to marketing and sales experience specifically within the manufacturing industry in the United States - hence, StratMg was formed.

StratMg’s mission from the get-go, has been to increase organic sales specifically for manufacturing companies. Their approach incorporates building a personalized and deep meaningful relationship with end-customers. They accomplish this by leveraging off-the-shelf technology platforms, a sound understanding of the psychology of a B2B sales cycle, and insight-driven analytics. This results in unambiguous value and quantifiable solutions.

Lending a Helping Hand

So how exactly does StratMg help manufacturing clients? They follow a 3-pronged approach:

  • Make customers
  • Manage customers
  • Monetize customers

Lead generation within the manufacturing industry is their specialty. They track and score all touchpoints served to a prospect (new customer acquisition) or a customer (customer retention) to gauge the propensity for a conversation with the sales team. The premise of the touchpoints (via a plethora of channels such as SEO, SEM, Social, Email, Tele, Print, etc.) is to build a level of trust first in the minds of the prospects followed by credibility factors. This has proven to be a winning formula in a B2B sales cycle. Given the trackability of engagement, the process determines the optimal time to set an appointment for the sales team. Coupled with the gathered intelligence during the entire prospect journey, this allows for a congruent prospect experience from marketing to sales.

From a customer retention standpoint, their process exposes customers with the highest likelihood to defect. This allows their clients to be proactive in preserving the revenues. In general, the scope of the program enables cross-sell, upsell or referral opportunities within the customer base. This in turn builds a deeper relationship thus increasing switching costs for the end-customers while creating a significant differentiator for their clients.

Client successes

A typical business owner is already saddled with wearing multiple hats, and simply do not have the internal resources to dedicate to implementing strategic marketing initiatives.

To address this with Armoloy of Illinois, STRATMg partnered with IMEC to help the precision coatings manufacturer diversify and grow revenues. Understanding the lack of marketing resources including time, StratMg formulated a proof of concept that required minimal time involvement on the client’s part and came in under budget. This solution allowed the client to test a new marketing methodology that uses a marketing automation platform to personalize prospect journeys. This resulted in deeper, more insightful relationships which led to an increase in sales. STRATMG’s proof of concept was so successful that their client rolled out the plan into 5 additional offices in the Carolinas, Philadelphia, and Texas. According to Mody, “It was easy for them to see the unambiguous value – they could map the money invested in the program, to the leads that were generated, to the sales conversation and sales pipeline that was built to conversion in terms of deals that were won.”

Even though they have helped countless manufacturers in Illinois, StratMg’s claim to fame began with the largest social media company in the United States. Within the 3 years of the relationship, STRATMG was solely responsible for the company’s go-to-market strategy and execution for the small business division. The scope of their contributions and successes spanned across multiple countries such as North America, Brazil, India, Taiwan, Korea, China, Singapore, Malaysia, and the UK. The project supported lead generation efforts for a 15-member client team along with 18 call centers.

Why Partner with IMEC?

Working with IMEC for 4+ years, StratMg has a stellar record with Illinois manufacturers. The unambiguous and quantified performance – ranging from the top percentile in customer service to quantified sales impacts mapped directly to projects via third-party federal surveys.

According to Mody, the partnership is beneficial because of common values, mission and goals. “From a mission standpoint, we are completely aligned to help sustain and grow manufacturing in Illinois by helping create and save jobs in our communities. One of the ways to achieve this is by helping companies increase their sales: increased demand will result in new and retained jobs,” said Mody. “By leveraging IMEC’s deep penetration and reach within the state, we believe we can add more value to more companies in a shorter time frame than if we were to approach this on our own.

The other reason being our relationship is very complimentary. We augment each other because IMEC, at its core, focuses on strategic planning and operations while we help with marketing and sales. Together it’s a perfect end-to-end solution to sustained growth for a business.”

A Word to Clients…

Clients should be aware of 3 main points when it comes to StratMg:

1. Not your typical marketing agency:
  • They offer a quantifiable solution with clear visibility to performance
  • Their billing is mapped to deliverables and is a lumpsum by project – not by the hour
  • They care! They are known to go out of their way to make things right for their clients

Mody states: “We provide our clients with a high level of clarity and performance granularity because we have the ability to do so with new technologies on the market. A lot of our manufacturing business owners are very analytical and appreciate the transparency in how we measure the programs we implement. It makes their job easier.”

2. An arsenal of subject-matter experts at the price of an in-house junior marketing resource:

Today it takes a village to generate organic sales. For instance, skills like Search Engine Optimization, Adwords, Social Media, Marketing Automation, Copywriting, Graphic Design, Analytics, etc. form the core foundation of a successful marketing and sales strategy. Most businesses find it cost-prohibitive to enlist all skills internally. This is where it becomes a win-win situation. With StratMG’s proven record, companies can leverage their experience and expertise to generate success with a shorter time-to-market along with reduced investments thus directly helping the bottom-line.

3. An extension of your team:

The StratMg team takes the time to learn a clients’ business, customers, target industries, and its competitors, etc. to chalk custom solutions that map to their business objectives and goals. They become an extension of the team. Their processes make it a seamless experience for a client to work in a cross-functional environment that requires feedback and contributions from various teams like engineering, c-levels, sales and even marketing.

Mody believes, “Each brand has a unique identity. It is important to ensure we reflect the same integrity and identity of our client in all our communications to prospects and customers as they would in-person. The only way to accomplish that is by understanding the overall fabric of the client starting with their value proposition to core differentiators and competitive advantages to the overall culture and values of the company.”

To learn more about StratMg or serve as a third party resource with IMEC, email or call 888-806-4632!

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