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Posted by Amy Fitzgerald on Feb 1, 2018 3:17:24 PM


Chicago Draft Style began life as a frothy, creamy, rich root beer, formulated specifically to appeal to the tastes of Chicagoans, and to emulate the feel of this great city. At first it was produced only in kegs for local colleges and special events. However, a fierce demand for this craft style soda rapidly grew and became so overwhelming, the owners decided to put it in bottles, expand the brand portfolio, and make it available to everyone.

Chicago Draft Style has quickly become an essential part of “The Chicago Experience” with its rapid growth and a meteoric rise in popularity, Chicago Draft Style can now be found in retail outlets, restaurants, hotels, and wholesalers all over the city and its suburbs. And, is the featured beverage at the Willis Tower and the 103rd floor Sky Deck.

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847 344 2369

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Written by Amy Fitzgerald

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