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Posted by Simone Erskine on Oct 3, 2019 12:12:43 PM

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Who is LMI Chicago?

LMI Chicago is part of a worldwide organization called Leadership Management International. For over 50 years, in 80 countries and 27 languages, LMI programs have helped develop effective and productive leaders.  Jeff Johnson, President of LMI Chicago, personally completed the LMI programs with his management team (at his previous company) prior to starting LMIChicago four years ago. Witnessing the benefits, Johnson was attracted to the proven programs and processes and the difference they made in people’s lives. LMI Chicago uses measurable and repeatable processes that consistently deliver remarkable results for each client.  For Johnson, “It is very intriguing. I’m fascinated by what makes an individual “tick”.  LMI helps people and organizations define what they want, plan how to attain that, and help them remove obstacles that get in their way.  It is wonderful to see how well the programs work, regardless of where a person starts.” LMI Chicago’s primary focus is threefold, consisting of leadership development, personal productivity improvement, and organizational development.

Lending a Helping Hand

LMI Chicago works on changing behaviors and habits – they are not a skill-based training company. They use an application-based model that delivers measurable results for individual and organizational improvements. In short, they help people change their behaviors to get different results.

“Right now, many employers are struggling to attract and at times, retain employees.  The need for employee engagement and personal leadership has rarely been higher.  Business leaders are grappling with “how to bridge the gap”?

Ironically, we have found that most employees…when given the opportunity, want to make a difference and be part of the solution in their companies. 

We have found that engaging employees in the Goal Setting Process and learning what motivates each person individually, enables companies to involve each employee more, help retain that employee, and help each company (and individual) achieve their desired results.” Jeff Johnson, President (LMI Chicago)

LMI delivers its programs in bite size chunks that resemble a building block process. This allows participants to apply what they learn. Johnson states: “We’re not teaching any theory at all. In everything we do, people are applying what they learn towards their jobs and/or their specific goals.” Up front, LMI discusses the clients’ goals, how they are going to work toward them, and understand the personal impact of achieving those goals. This process is built into every single program LMI facilitates. 

Working primarily with executives, managers, and supervisors, there are 4 levels of leadership that LMI addresses with their clients:

  • Personal Productivity – Managing oneself for better results and life/work balance.
  • Personal Leadership - Being very clear on who you are, what you are doing, and why you’re doing it - for you and the organization. It’s about leading yourself.
  • Motivational Leadership – Getting results through other people. This is leading a team.
  • Strategic Leadership - Leading an organization.

Most organizations start with self-management (Personal Productivity). “If you can’t manage yourself, your day, and your goals, it’s difficult to manage others effectively,” said Johnson.

LMI classes are either held in-house with one specific client or in an open enrollment environment (both formats involve 6-12 participants per class).

In-House classes are conducted on site at the client’s location, working with their people, and on their specific goals.

Open Enrollment classes are conducted at a central location, use the exact same programs/processes as an in-house, but do so with individuals from various companies.

Open Enrollment classes provide a few different benefits – a company may not have enough people to fill a whole class, or they may have completed an in-house class and have a new hire / additional person they want to further develop.  It is also a way for companies to pilot LMI programs and determine if it is a worthwhile investment for the entire company. Whatever the reason is for enrolling in a class, participants will work toward achieving an agreed upon business, developmental, and personal goal.

Client successes

At the end of each program, there is a graduation class where people share what they’ve achieved, lessons they’ve applied, plans for “What’s Next”, and are recognized for completing the class.

Here are what some of the graduates of LMI Chicago’s programs had to say:

“During the past 12 weeks, I have been able to make a great deal of progress on my business, development and personal goals. I completed 60% of my business goal which was to reduce stop assemblies for the 1st pass rejects by 25%. On my developmental goal, which is to gain an understanding of budgets and budgeting process, I am at 80% complete.” Production Supervisor, Plumbing systems manufacturer
“I've participated in programs with similar content. LMI's secret sauce is how the content is delivered.  It's not a "program."  It's a journey, with accountability for application at every step of the way, in company with colleagues who I've gotten to know better and appreciate more. It's not a team-building course, but it certainly helped build our team.” Human Resource Director, Alsip Manufacturer
“The official goal was to reduce scrap to a target of $0.02 per yard but my scope grew to reducing both overall material variance as well as improving performance variance. Our overall Material/performance Variance was at $180,000 in October 2016 and was at $133,000 in February 2017. We started the course in March and saw the variance reduce to $112K, $96K, $61K, $54K, and $77K from March until July, respectively.   We did achieve the overall material variance goal of $0.02 per yard produced $0.0181 in June.” Director of Operations, Textiles Manufacturer

Why Partner with IMEC?

For Johnson, partnering with IMEC just made sense. “We want the same things for our clients. Our goals are very similar - to help improve clients’ performance. It’s a natural fit for both us; we are an extension of each other and that’s what I feel is the most beneficial.

From our experience working with IMEC, we know they are specialist in what they do. IMEC offers a variety of solutions to their clients.  IMEC takes time to understand their clients current situation, understand or help articulate what they want to achieve, and help them figure out the best way to attain those results.  That process is extremely complimentary to how LMI conducts business.  IMEC and LMI are true partners in every sense of the word.”

A Word to Clients…

“Leadership development is a process that happens over time – it is not a one-time event. Yes, attending seminars and conferences are great, but one exposure doesn’t produce lasting results. Leadership Development and Productivity Improvement is a process.  It takes time to change habits and behaviors to get different results” acknowledged Johnson. “Change needs to start at the top. If senior leaders don’t buy in, the results tend to be temporary. Leaders have to be open to looking at themselves and be receptive to change and development.  If any leader isn’t willing to grow and change, why would they expect their results to be any different?”

To learn more about LMI Chicago or serve as a third party resource with IMEC, email info@imec.org or call 888-806-4632!
Simone Erskine

Written by Simone Erskine

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