Kane County Partners with IMEC to Ignite Manufacturing Innovation and Productivity in Kane County

Posted by Simone Erskine on Jan 30, 2020 2:22:04 PM

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mfg techManufacturers across the state are taking advantage of IMEC’s Illinois Manufacturing Innovation Voucher program! Just last November, IMEC announced a leading-edge economic development program to help small and medium-sized manufacturers accelerate technology adoption in their products and processes. Awarding up to $25,000 in matching funds, Illinois manufacturers can obtain external technical assistance to solve technology adoption challenges.

The competitive voucher program is designed to remove funding and knowledge barriers so Illinois manufacturers can embrace new technologies and realize measurable gains in productivity and competitiveness.

Understanding what this means for manufacturers across the state, Kane County developed an innovative idea to further the contributions of Kane county manufacturers. They have developed the Kane County Innovation Voucher! With up to an additional $5,000 from Kane County, area manufacturers are now eligible to receive up to $30,000 in matching funds through the Illinois Manufacturing Innovation Voucher and Kane County innovation Voucher.

Eligibility and Requirements for the Kane County Innovation Voucher*

  • Located in Kane County
  • Complete IMEC’s initial online application and receive a Funding Award decision from IMEC
  • Kane County funds will reimburse up to 50% of eligible expenses associated with accessing external expertise in the areas of R&D and technology adoption

Kane County Innovation Voucher Application Process

  • Apply for IMEC’s Illinois Manufacturing Innovation Voucher
  • Request Kane County Voucher by including eligible activities and/or services in IMEC’s voucher application
  • IMEC will review applications along with state-side applications
  • IMEC will advise Kane County of applications with requests for additional funding through Kane County Innovation voucher
  • Requests for Kane County Innovation Voucher funding will be additionally reviewed by Kane County staff with final approval by the Jobs Committee of the Kane County Board

Interested in keeping pace with manufacturing technology and building a competitive edge? Learn more about the Kane County Innovation Voucher and apply for the Illinois Manufacturing Innovation Voucher today!

**The Kane County Manufacturing Innovation Voucher program for 2020 was approved unanimously by the Kane County Jobs Committee on Jan. 17, and will go live pending adoption at the Feb. 11 County Board meeting.

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