Inclusive Mindset: 6 Tips to Lead Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Initiatives

Posted by Paola Velasquez on Feb 14, 2023 10:23:34 AM


Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) commitments are falling by the wayside. What was once a priority has turned into an annual check-the-box competency training for some. Unfortunately, annual competencies are not enough to drive change, create inclusion, and foster engagement. Below are 6 tips to assist you in your DEI journey.

  1. Pace yourself. Running into action when not equipped is dangerous, damaging vs helpful, and can be exclusive vs inclusive. Urgency does not necessarily mean speed; urgency can mean a priority of high value. Be intentional and thoughtful in your planning.

  2. Build a support team. DEI work takes time, which many of us sometimes don’t have. Find a good support team that can help carry the weight and hold each other accountable.

  3. Position DEI as a strategic priority. Stand-alone programs are not sustainable. To be successful, align DEI closely with your organization’s strategy. Begin by identifying how it fits into your organization’s mission, vision, and values.

  4. Celebrate milestones. Celebrate, celebrate, and celebrate! Celebrate small wins as they pop up. Small wins create momentum, and your employees will see that progress is being made.

  5. Repetition is key. DEI work should not be rushed. It will take repeated conversations on the topic to see a change in your culture. Even your best salesperson had to invest time and energy into his sales pitch. Repetition is a key component of learning.

  6. Find the right tools. Not everyone will be supportive. The conversation on DEI confronts generational bias and can stir up racial tension; it is likely to bring up many feelings, but with the right tools you can guide your organization on its journey to elevate your culture, create inclusion, and drive engagement.

To learn more on inclusive practices and how to create a psychological safe environment, contact Paola A. Velasquez, Director of DEI in Manufacturing.

Paola Velasquez

Written by Paola Velasquez

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