Illinois Manufacturing Helpline Tip of the Day: Essential Businesses and the "Stay at Home" Order

Posted by Mary Hallock on Mar 23, 2020 5:07:44 PM

tipsMany companies have been asking whether their business is essential and, if they are essential, do they have to require employees to come to work. The Illinois Executive Order issued this past Friday caused much concern and confusion.

Many manufacturing facilities fall within the definition of essential businesses and operations. Many employees are concerned that they will be stopped by the police on their way to or from work. It is not required; however a good practice would be to supply your employees with a letter explaining who they work for and that the business falls within the definition of an essential business under the "stay at home" order issued by Governor Pritzker. You might even consider attaching a copy of the order itself as an extra precaution. The Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity has provided helpful information to help interpret the Executive Order.

The idea behind this Order is to encourage people to maintain physical distance and not be within large groups, if at all possible, so if you are an essential business and will have people come to work then help your employees be safe when they are at work.

Do you have a question or concern? The Illinois Manufacturing Helpline has experts ready to respond with resources within one business day!

Mary Hallock

Written by Mary Hallock

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