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Posted by Ashley Barsanti on Sep 26, 2022 2:57:08 PM


Over the past few years, there has been a remarkable resurgence of manufacturing in the United States. Illinois in particular has experienced a great deal of growth, making manufacturing Illinois’ largest industry. This growth brings positive impacts such as having a higher economic contribution to our state and the fact that manufacturing continues to generate various job opportunities.

If we focus on the people side of things, employers must be aware of what it really takes to attract and keep employees, as they are the ones who determine the success of an organization.

So, how do you attract qualified candidates?

Consider the following for a powerful competitive advantage:

1. Evolve the experience that candidates take  

  •  Provide feedback to the candidate about their interview while also seeking out feedback during the hiring process 
  • Create a communication process to provide clarity while strengthening your employer brand 
  • Identify how you can go beyond the initial first impression 
2. Have a diversity, equity, & inclusion (DEI) lens 
  • Think about building a diverse talent pool 
  • Think strategically about where you are posting open positions  

Ok, you won them over. Now, what approach do you and your team take to retain them?  

Consider the following for higher retention rates and satisfied and engaged team members: 

1. Create an environment that allows for autonomy and growth  

  • Understand and embrace that not everyone’s the same. Leverage these differences to encourage creative thinking  
  • Support those who have a growth mindset

2. Have trust present and consistent  

  • Evaluate the current level of trust within your company 
  • Be transparent with your team about various topics

As you place emphasis on these topics, remember that your company is only as good as how much you invest and take care of your workforce. Provide them with what they need, and they will do the same in return – creating bottom line success for your company. To begin ideation with this topic, watch the on-demand 4-part webinar series, ATTRACT AND RETAIN: HR Best Practices for Manufacturers, presented by our partners at ToolingU-SME.

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Ashley Barsanti

Written by Ashley Barsanti

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