Prepare for the Unexpected: October is National Fire Prevention Month

Posted by Mary Hallock on Oct 12, 2017 2:57:40 PM

Written by Mary Hallock, IMEC Technical SpecialistFire Prevention Tips

October is National Fire Prevention Month -- a great time to ensure your workforce is prepared for all types of emergencies. Start by reviewing any emergency procedures and documentation you have for the organization. Are they up-to-date? Do your staff know how to respond in the event of an emergency?

Fire in a business setting can cause an interruption in production, loss of revenue, and even worse, it could put your team at great risk. Understanding a few simple preparedness techniques may save you from a future catastrophe.

During National Fire Prevention Month take the time to be proactive and consider the following:

- Examine your fire extinguishers. Is someone checking them regularly and servicing as needed?

- Hold a fire drill. It's better to take a few minutes every year to make sure employees understand how to safely evacuate the building, so if the worst happens, they aren't stuck hunting for the nearest exit. Use a timer to record how long it takes your team to exit the building. Take a headcount of employees. Hold a discussion afterwards with all employees to identify which aspects of the evacuation, if any, could be improved. Are the exit signs visible enough in all areas of the building? Do employees know how to safely leave equipment running or does an emergency stoppage need to be implemented before they exit? Do employees know where the evacuation meeting point is located? Does everyone know how the fire alarm system works?

- Conduct a walk through of your facility. Make sure exits are clear, fire extinguishers are marked, and any fire hazards are eliminated.

Be proactive! By conducting a review and making a few simple fire prevention improvements once or twice a year you can ensure the safety of your team and your business. Check out this link for additional tips that may help in your preparation.

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Mary Hallock

Written by Mary Hallock

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