Illinois Manufacturer Joins Class of Distinction

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ILPEx Recognition Program

Illinois manufacturer joins class of distinction for overall commitment to performance excellence.

Rockford-based manufacturer, Concentric AB, was named a 2016 ILPEx Silver Award for Progress toward Excellence recipient, an honor awarded by the ILPEx Recognition Program.  The manufacturer’s ILPEx Award for Excellence application was evaluated against the Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence by the ILPEx Board of Examiners as part of the annual application process.

The ILPEx Silver Award for Progress toward Excellence is granted to those companies who demonstrate progress in building a systematic and complete business approach based on the Baldrige Excellence Framework, specifically addressing Leadership; Strategy; Customer engagement; Measurement, analysis and knowledge management; Workforce; Operations; and Results.

Concentric AB’s mission is to design, develop and manufacture high quality, customer-focused solutions for hydraulic and engine applications within our global markets.  Concentric Rockford is the North American Centre of Excellence for hydraulic product and is a key part of the company vision to deliver sustainable growth in every application in the markets they serve using world-class technology, a global infrastructure and business excellence in all they do.

For nearly 20 years, IMEC has partnered with Concentric Rockford to focus on improvement priorities in various aspects of their operational processes. “This is Concentric Rockford’s third application for an ILPEx Award for Excellence. To have received the Silver Award for Progress toward Excellence as a manufacturing organization is an exceptional result for the Rockford team,” says Martin Bradford, Senior Vice President of Hydraulics.

To improve its global service, Concentric Rockford is on a Baldrige journey of systematic improvement and was also recognized by the ILPEx Recognition in 2012 and 2014 with the Bronze Award for Commitment to Excellence. Concentric Rockford exemplifies the concept of continual improvement, and going forward, the organization will use the award program’s latest feedback to pursue further continuous cycles of learning and take the next steps toward performance excellence.

"The ILPEx framework is a powerful model which continues to be the foundation from which our Concentric Business Excellence program is based upon,” said Bradford. “It underpins our approach for sustainability in everything we do for our customers, employees and stakeholders.  The Silver Award from the ILPEx Recognition Program supports the continuous improvement journey that the Rockford team has embraced and we are honored to receive it.”

Concentric Rockford will be formally honored, along with five other ILPEx Award for Excellence recipients, at the 22nd Annual ILPEx Recognition Program Award Ceremony and Dinner on Thursday, March 30, 2017, at The Hyatt Lodge at Hamburger University in Oak Brook, IL. For companies seeking ISO 9001:2015 certification, the Organizational Profile component of the ILPEx Award for Excellence is a focused way to create the required organization description.

The Organizational Profile exceeds ISO requirements, providing specific guidelines to follow. When completed, it provides an in-depth understanding of your mission/vision, relationships, structure and strategic goals.  Alone or as part of a complete ILPEx Award for Excellence application, you can submit your Organizational Profile to gain written, third-party feedback from a team of experts.

Pursuing a commitment to excellence often begins with a review of the formal management systems an organization already has in place that provide structure and an assessment of operational results. For many it begins with the ISO 9001 quality management system. Through the 2015 standard update, manufacturers are required to commit to the development of the “Context of the Organization” or a detailed summary of an organization’s mission and vision, relationships, structure, and strategic goals. The ILPEx Recognition Program has a resource available to companies ready to take the next step in development but are not sure how to get started.

Contact IMEC to learn more about the tools and guidance available from industry experts to get your company on the right path to excellence.

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