Creating a Bridge for Customized Technician Training

Posted by Amy Fitzgerald on Jan 24, 2017 11:16:23 AM

Skills for the future of automation

Creating a skilled workforce for the needs of automation today and in the future is vital for the competitive future of Illinois. That’s why IMEC recently partnered with ISA (International Society of Automation) to deliver a five day course for participants in Decatur, Illinois. The “Technician Training Boot Camp” offered an intensive, hands-on training environment focused on industrial measurement and control technologies. Watch the video to learn more!

technician training

“For me the Technician Training Boot Camp was a way to further my knowledge and get caught up on the latest equipment and calibration techniques,” said Mark Milligan, Process Automation Specialist and participant of the session. The simulation-based training series tests an individual’s skill set and serves as a proper review of the latest measurement and control concepts and terminology.

Instrument Technician, Warren Leevy, offered another perspective on the benefits of the course saying “I really appreciated the knowledge of the instructor. He has a vast array of experience across a lot of different industries and industrial lines that help comprehend what I do each day.”

With over 75% of the course spent hands-on in equipment labs, participants receive maximum benefit of learning and doing. Through the partnership with the ISA, IMEC is focused on doing our part to prepare Illinois’ workforce with the latest skills and technology; equipping local companies with high standards of training necessary to fulfill the skill needs of our current and future workforce.

Contact IMEC to learn more about automation training opportunities in Illinois at or call 888-806-4632.

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Written by Amy Fitzgerald

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