New OSHA injury and illness reporting coming soon

Posted by Marketing Support on Sep 22, 2016 10:07:23 AM

OSHA has issued new reporting standards that will take effect in 2017. For those familiar with the 300, 300A and 301 forms that have been in place for many years, you will now be required to file some or all of those forms electronically. Learn more by visiting the OSHA webpage on the recordkeeping changes:

Primary to note, the filing requirements are based on the size of your establishment. OSHA has stated the data will be submitted through a secure website. They will attempt to scrub employee-identifying information and some, or all, of the information will be made available to the public.

If you are a large establishment (>/= 250 employees), the following implementation schedule applies to you:

OSHA Injury Recordkeeping 250+

If your establishment employs between 20-249 employees and are in a “high hazard industry” (this applies to most manufacturers:, the following is the implementation schedule that applies to you:

OSHA Injury Recordkeeping

The details of how to upload the information to the OSHA website are not yet available. There have been some legal challenges filed, so this may not be the final ruling. Watch for more reminders and information as the deadlines approach.

For questions on your current safety program, or how to get started, please contact Mary Hallock via email at or contact IMEC at 888-806-4632.

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