Manufacturing and Marketing Can Make a Great Team

Posted by Amy Fitzgerald on Feb 29, 2016 9:55:36 AM

Two Illinois companies are working together to provide consumers with an exceptionally useful product. Technical Publication Associates (TPA) from Morton, Illinois and Plano Synergy (Plano) from Plano, Illinois are working together for the benefit of the consumer. Plano manufactures molded plastic cases to hold and protect a variety of sporting and/or hunting goods. TPA develops simple, yet effective, consumer instructions on how to use a product. “Our two companies working together has resulted in a high-quality product (Plano) with simple, effective instructions (TPA) on how our gun case can be customized, used, and maintained”, says John Whalen, Plano Engineer. 

Steve Nichol, President of TPA, said “You wouldn’t think there’s a lot that can be said about how to use a simple molded plastic container. However, a lack of instructions can be very frustrating to a customer trying to find replacement parts or just learn the basic facts about a product.”

Nichol and Whalen both believe the two companies working together is providing consumers with a better product; it’s the best expertise from both companies. Plano manufactures exceptional molded plastic products. TPA creates exceptional consumer documentation. We work together for the benefit of the consumer.

For the complete story, download the TPA-Plano case study.

Technical Publication Associates is partnering with IMEC and manufacturers statewide to promote technical writing and design services to local companies. For more information, contact Steve Nichol at or call 309-263-8792.

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