Welcome the newest IMEC team members: Jesus Dominguez and Hong Rickett

Posted by Amy Fitzgerald on Jun 16, 2015 2:43:55 PM

Jesus Dominguez IMECJesus Dominguez, Technical Specialist - Based in Chicago, he brings bilingual skills (English and Spanish) and United State Marine Corps discipline to work in a high performance team helping companies implement actions to improve productivity and competitiveness.

Dominguez prides himself on analyzing client business processes to identify bottlenecks and maximize efficiencies to further the success of the small to midsize Illinois manufacturer. Dominguez is an expert in creating and implementing process improvement plans with high acuity in TWI implementation.

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Hong Rickett IMECHong Rickett, Special Initiatives Coordinator - Based in Peoria, she identifies and develops collaborative partnership opportunities that align with the IMEC mission to serve as strategic advisors to small and mid-sized manufacturers. Rickett will manage a portfolio of strategic projects and serve as a liaison to a broad range of external resources available to aid in manufacturer competitiveness within the state.

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For more information about IMEC's team of manufacturing improvement specialists, please contact Amanda Hawley or info@imec.org.

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Written by Amy Fitzgerald

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