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Posted by Amy Fitzgerald on Aug 26, 2014 1:04:45 PM

IMEC Top LineWhat happens after you’ve focused and improved upon the bottom line? You’ve already made strides to optimize the efficiency of your supply chain and internal production, emphasizing continuous improvement and identifying wastes; but now you need the revenue. What comes next? A new video from the Illinois Manufacturing Excellence Center (IMEC) looks to share how Top Line improvements can drive growth and provide long term success.

IMEC Top Line Growth for Manufacturers

How can you strategically focus on growth areas and take steps to meet marketing and sales goals? Watch the video below to see how IMEC can help you meet goals and grow business.


Top Line Transformation Process

Where does your business stand? To assist you with improving the top line, IMEC helps you assess readiness for change in your market. Our four step transformation process includes the following steps to help your business:

  • Assessment of Current State

    Opportunity Research: Gather Data, Research Opinion, Find Opportunities

    Strategic Growth Cycle: Plan, Prepare, Implement, and Evaluate

    Taking Steps to Achieve Future State

Why is Top Line growth important? How does IMEC help?

Without top-line growth, there will be no long-term success. IMEC gave us the tools for sustainable top-line growth as the economy rebounds and creates opportunities for profitable growth—not just sales volume.” –Debra L. Voges-Schneider, Executive Vice President, Roesch Inc.

This is just one organization that was more than satisfied with the IMEC Top Line process. Take a look at many more of the IMEC Top Line Client Successes:

Maxant Technologies Gets Inside Look at Competitive Marketplace

Roesch Inc. Prioritizes growth and takes steps to define long-term growth.

Rockford Ball Screw drives growth through improved communication and leadership.

Ready to learn more? Check out our whitepaper, “Is Your Company Floundering or Flourishing at its Current Market Position?” In this document, we introduce you to the value of a marketing plan for your organization and offer resources to get started. Click here to view.

Ready to take measurable steps to improve your Top Line successes? Please contact IMEC Manufacturing and Growth specialists at 888-806-4632 or by emailing

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