770 Companies Report Impacts that are Improving Illinois Manufacturing

Posted by Simone Erskine on Jan 17, 2020 9:47:38 AM

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2019 impact jpgAs the cliché, but true saying goes: “numbers don’t lie.” We can’t help but agree as we review our 2019 client reported impacts! While it is certainly a time of celebration here at IMEC, it’s also a celebration for the 770 manufacturers who have invested in their competitive futures.  By partnering with IMEC and reporting the impacts our work has contributed to their business, it allows us to show that we all play an important role in a much bigger story. These numbers speak volumes to the value our clients add to our manufacturing ecosystem. Not only are companies on a path to enterprise excellence, but they are also strengthening Illinois’ economic well-being, their communities, and their organization as whole. 

We are proud of our clients and the results they have achieved through their projects with IMEC.  Just as important, we are proud of the lasting effects these results have on Illinois’ economic future.  With continued reported impacts like these, Illinois is sure to remain a strong manufacturing hub, leading the way for innovation and growth. 

Following a world-recognized standard for excellence, IMEC’s improvement specialists deliver solutions that drive measurable outcomes in leadership, strategy, operations, customer engagement, workforce, measurement & results, and technology. These solutions help our clients to embrace positive change and transform into a high-performing organization. In compiling the 2019 impacts, we highlighted a few of our clients: 

  • SK Hand Tools – Innovative project team fast tracks new facility for Sycamore-based SK Hand Tools, putting them back on the market.
  • LitaniaSports Group - 80/20 Business Optimization Process training improves employee focus, profitability and customer value for athletic equipment manufacturer in Champaign.
  • Prater Industries - Bollingbrook-based custom grinding and milling manufacturer - and its' customers - reap the benefits of embracing neurodiversity in the workplace.
  • Doran Scales – St. Charles Digital scale manufacturer focuses on an efficient flow and maximizing space to increase employee and customer satisfaction.

How are you contributing to the betterment of Illinois’ manufacturing infrastructure? IMEC can help you fine tune your manufacturing practices and set you on a path to enterprise excellence. Contact IMEC or your area's Improvement Specialist to make sure your results are counted in the 2020 Client Reported Impacts!

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Simone Erskine

Written by Simone Erskine

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