Three Foundational Reasons Productivity Levels Vary

Posted by Ashley Beaudoin on Apr 1, 2020 8:00:00 AM

During this time, we need to be more alert than ever. In many cases, the demand from our work has increased, our families continue to need our love and support, and we as individuals need to make sure that we are mentally focused.

With all of that said, there are certain times that our productivity habits can fluctuate. The following are three common areas in which productivity habits can vary, as well as takeaways to increase efficiency.

1. Work environment

From cleanliness to room temperature, a work environment is detrimental to how productive someone can be. Those who enjoy their workspace will be more productive, engaged, happy, and healthy (Forbes, 2015). Consider these tips when reevaluating a work environment:

  • Continuously make changes to evolve you and your work output.
  • Have a layout that is realistic and accommodates your needs in order to thrive -resources and tools readily available.
  • Focus on subtle factors – lighting, noise level, ideal temperate, etc.

2. Job Security/Uncertainty

It is natural for people to crave the need to experience predictability and control in their lives. If this doesn’t happen, anxiety can grow within. According to Maslow, there are a hierarchy of needs that people seek out to obtain human motivation (Abraham Maslow). One of those needs is safety. For a person to feel safe and secure in life, emotional security and financial security must surface (employment, etc.).

Regardless if your company or economy is unstable, you had a recent failure, or possiblly feeling that you are unable to obtain your objectives to the completion you anticipated, there are ways in which one can manage and continue to grow. The following are a few takeaways in doing just that:

  • Have transparent discussion with the rest of the workforce – provide & seek relevant updates.
  • Take a deep breath and be able to adjust to the new normal.
  • Seek and welcome feedback from various people both inside and outside of work.

3. Maintaining Working Relationships

Establishing, maintaining, and growing working relationships is key to how productive someone can be. In fact, on average people spend more than 90,000 hours at work during their lifetime (Business Insider, 2018). To know there is a significant amount of time spent with your colleagues, you want to make the most of it. Here are some ways to build working relationships:

  • Develop mutual accountability and a clear understanding of work responsibilities with colleagues.
  • Learn to see things differently – put yourself in someone else’s shoes to gain a better understanding of their perspective.
  • Maintain a balance between meeting business objectives, but also allow time to focus on personal needs of others (e.g., incorporate esteem, empathy, involvement, share, and support, etc.).

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Ashley Beaudoin

Written by Ashley Beaudoin

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