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Posted by Amy Fitzgerald on Feb 1, 2018 3:17:51 PM

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Focal Point is a Chicago-based family owned and operated architectural lighting manufacturer that focuses on creating great luminaire designs that stand the test of time.  Their mission is to deliver beautifully simple forms to complete customers' architectural statements and optimal illumination to comfortably define the space and its purpose.

Focal Point believes that great lighting isn’t just about meeting technical design requirements. It’s about people. It’s about creating a more beautiful, functional environment wherever people live, work or gather. They are proud to call themselves lighting people – an independent provider of sustainable, American-built lighting products that make a difference for beautiful architectural spaces and the people who inhabit them. 

Contact Focal Point LLC:
4141 S Pulaski Road,
Chicago, IL 60632
773 247 9494

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Amy Fitzgerald

Written by Amy Fitzgerald

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