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Required Poster for Employers Regarding ISERRA

Posted by Lori Amerman on Dec 21, 2018 10:49:10 AM

Have you checked lately that your workplace has all of the current required postings?

There are a lot of nice and easy options out there to buy an attractive package of the posters. You can also be just as compliant printing your own for the cost of ink and paper.


Avoid Catastrophic Injury with Machine Guarding Fundamentals

Posted by Lori Amerman on Nov 16, 2017 1:48:09 PM

Written by Lori Amerman, IMEC Operations Coordinator

Hazards of machinery can cause catastrophic injuries when employees come in contact.  Crushing and amputations are devastating to the employee’s quality of life.  The employer is faced with many costs of medical expenses, equipment fixes and training.  According to OSHA’s $afety Pays Program, an amputation on average has a direct cost of $77,995 and indirect of $85,794.  At a 3% profit margin assumption these costs would require an additional $2,859,816 in sales to recover.


Empower Employee Health and Wellness

Posted by Lori Amerman on Mar 28, 2017 8:43:57 AM

Written by Lori Amerman, IMEC Operations Coordinator and OSHA Authorized Trainer

Reduce injuries and improve management of Workers' Compensation across the organization

In my 20 years in Occupational Safety and Health Management, I have had the pleasure of learning from a variety of experts, employers and employees as they share their Workers' Compensation experiences. Recently the annual Workers’ Compensation Symposium organized by the Southern Illinois Healthcare’s Work.Care.Ready.Well program provided a great opportunity to revisit many of the best practices.


Industrial Safety & Health: WEATHER

Posted by Lori Amerman on May 15, 2015 11:22:59 AM

Written by Lori Amerman, IMEC Operations Specialist  and OSHA authorized trainer

There is one thing for sure about Illinois weather, it is always changing. We have made it through the snow and ice hazards and are now in the Midwest tornado season. In order to keep your organization safe from weather threats, here are a few reminders in preparedness:


Who is your kid going to work for this summer?

Posted by Lori Amerman on Apr 22, 2014 3:01:59 PM

Written by Lori Amerman, IMEC Operations Coordinator 

Like a lot of professionals, I started my career as a teenager, earning money babysitting, in food service and other odd jobs.  Most of the boys I knew were working on farms or in construction.  Those experiences at a young age teach work ethic and skills that are the foundation for a successful future.

Unfortunately, many of these entry level opportunities come with exposures to hazards of which young people may not be familiar. It's important they know how to recognize the risks and protect themselves.  The best employers take the time and have standard work procedures to provide a proper orientation to new workers of all ages.


Energy Efficiency & Conservation

Posted by Lori Amerman on Apr 3, 2014 12:52:11 PM

Written by Lori Amerman, Operations Coordinator

Evolving Technology and Emerging Competitive Advantage

In March IMEC partnered with the Northern Illinois University Department of Technology and Kaskaskia College Center for Business and Industry to provide a presentation on best practices in Energy Efficiency.

Industrial electricity prices have risen 36% over the last 10 years.  Researching energy bills and technologies should be part of continuous improvement efforts as emerging technologies are lessening the burden of controlling future costs.


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