Building a Safer Workplace: Engaging Your Team in National Safety Month

Posted by Lori Amerman on Jun 12, 2024 5:51:47 PM

June is National Safety Month and IMEC is one of many organizations that participates to provide our team and network a focused emphasis. The first theme for 2024 is Safety Engagements. What can that look like at your organization?

Register with the National Safety Council for no fee resources, including a participant guide and social media tools to promote the weekly topics.

Visit OSHA’s Safety & Health Programs, Recommended Practices for ideas on Worker Participation.

Many of us have experienced stressful tornadic weather in 2024. Visit for info on Workplace Training, Testing and Exercises.

Illinois manufacturers are invited to participate in a no fee assessment with an IMEC Technical Specialist. An Employee Engagement Pulse Survey or Safety Assessment can help refresh your planning.

Take a moment this week to engage your team. Challenge them to take the Safe At Work Pledge. Find a way to celebrate your most valuable asset. Pick out a way to train, refresh, enjoy and appreciate your team’s physical and mental health.

Lori Amerman

Written by Lori Amerman

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