Get to Know IMEC’s Board of Directors: Ashley S. Moy

Posted by Jordyn Shawhan on Sep 15, 2020 9:04:34 AM

bodAshley S. Moy is the CEO and co-founder of Cast21, a corporation that produces innovative orthopedic solutions. As one of IMEC’s newest board members, Moy sat down (virtually) to tell us a little more about herself.

Before Moy co-founded Cast21 in 2016, she was a student studying biomedical engineering. Moy says she entered the manufacturing industry serendipitously through a student project. Students in Moy’s program had a unique and rare opportunity to create their own senior projects, so she teamed up with a mechanical engineer who would eventually be the other co-founder of Cast21. Together, they created a product they felt passionate about. Starting a company while a student was not part of her original plan, which was to continue on to receive her MD/PhD or MD/JD, but this project reshaped her professional goals and future.

What makes Cast21 so different from other orthopedic device manufacturers? “Our organization really pulled together a lot of different manufacturing verticals to completely revolutionize the way we treat broken bones without surgery,” says Moy. Cast21 is the only manufacturer of waterproof rigid support for broken bones and joints that can be applied in seconds without extra tools. Their core product is a quick-setting immobilization net or “QUIN” for short. Think of a cast that is breathable, washable, and much less obstructive to day-to-day life. The QUIN can be applied without the use of water or electricity, making them supportive and accessible. Also, they come in a multitude of colors, so if you ever break your arm but still want to show your personality, we recommended the pink one!

Pink and Peach Freeform Art Instagram PostMoy continues, “I’m passionate about the healthcare industry because it is something that affects all of us. As patients, many of us just accept the status quo.” At Cast21, their team rejects the “good enough” mentality. They push boundaries, put the patient first, and are looking into untapped manufacturing sectors.

“I think we still have a lot to learn about the industry and a lot of different places to grow,” Moy states. “While the industry is not new itself, there are a lot of frontiers that are untapped as it relates to manufacturing.”

Cast21 strategically made their home in Chicago, IL. Not only is Chicago where Moy’s family is, but it also has abundant resources for manufacturing, access to top talent, and a great public transportation system.

Creating a great company isn’t just about location and innovation, though. It is also about the people. Moy explains, “A key to our success has been surrounding ourselves with positive and supportive people. There’s no way anyone can do what we do alone, and we have an amazing team and network of mentors and advisors, and friends.”

We are proud to welcome Ashley S. Moy to our Board of Directors and are excited about the insights she can bring to IMEC and the manufacturers throughout Illinois.

When asked why this position is a fit, Moy says, “I am on the IMEC Board because I want to help set the team's ambitious goals and execute bold strategies that prepare and keep Illinois manufacturers competitive, inclusive, and sustainable in a global market.”

Learn more about IMEC's Board of Directors.

Jordyn Shawhan

Written by Jordyn Shawhan

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