10 Hot Leadership Topics for 2020

Posted by IMEC on Jan 20, 2020 10:47:39 AM

This is an original article written by Stephanie Neal, Director of DDI's Center for Analytics and Behaviorial Research.

As we kick off 2020, expectations are high for the changes the decade ahead will bring. According to top HR and leadership influencers, this year will challenge leaders to face a new level of workplace transformation. Hot leadership topics for 2020 will continue to be shaped by accelerating technology change, increasing consumer expectations, and hyper-connectivity.


In Case you Missed it - Cobots: Solving the Manufacturing Labor Challenge

Posted by Emily Lee on Aug 29, 2019 2:49:35 PM

IMEC partnered with Fusion to host the Cobots: Solving the Manufacturing Labor Challenge event. The fun and informative afternoon featured educational sessions led by cobot vendors and experts, all in the name of helping manufacturers understand the benefits of implementing cobots at their facility: improved productivity, safer working environment, and more efficient installation than traditional automation.


Leadership Program Students to Help Company Streamline Manufacturing Process

Posted by Simone Erskine on Aug 15, 2018 1:53:21 PM

This is an original article written by Tim Crosby, Communication and Marketing Strategist. 

Students in Southern Illinois University Carbondale’s Leadership Development Program don’t learn leadership out of a book; they learn it in the real world.

The latest batch of incoming students, along with the upper classmen, will again demonstrate this approach next week when they help a company reorganize part of its Chicago-area facility to improve efficiency and profitability.


It's Not Too Late to Plan for 2018: The Power of Goal Setting

Posted by Amy Fitzgerald on May 29, 2018 1:03:00 PM

Written by Randy Slechta, CEO and contributed by Jeff Johnson, President - Leadership Management International, Inc.

Question #1: Did you accomplish your most important goals in 2017?

Research shows that only about 8% of people achieve their New Year’s Resolutions.

Question #2: Have you set your goal(s) for 2018?

If so, do you really, really, really want to achieve your 2018 goal(s)?

If your answer is absolutely, then you have to be willing to make some changes to ensure this happens. I find that almost everyone has good intentions to achieve the goals they have set. Most people start the new year optimistic that this will be a good year, this will be the year they finally achieve those important goals. 

Yet 92% fall short. Why? There are of course many reasons, but I find there are a few big stumbling blocks that trip up most people. If you can overcome these obstacles, you can almost guarantee yourself success.


Visionary Leadership: Keys to a Successful Continuous Improvement Transformation

Posted by Roger Shrum on Apr 11, 2018 7:37:00 AM

Written by Roger Shrum, IMEC Regional Manager

In my work with manufacturers, I’ll encounter leaders who are frustrated with the slow pace of implementation of their continuous improvement programs.  They are concerned that they are not seeing the payback they were hoping for.  What I share with them is sometimes unsettling: Many enterprise-wide lean deployment programs become stalled because the top manager in the company has not clearly articulated his/her personal vision and committed to making it successful.

In one example, a company I was advising faced chronic late delivery problems, which jeopardized its reputation with longstanding customers and opened the door for its competitors to take business away.  The company was forced to work significant overtime and expedite production just to stay in the game. This company had a history of waiting for a downturn in business to shore up its delivery performance. Along the way, they “dabbled” in implementing lean methods, but as orders increased, a full lean implementation was shelved.  In retrospect, these well-meaning, busy leaders now realize that they may have missed an opportunity for significant growth by not positioning the company to adequately meet customer needs during the upside of the cycle.  


Avoiding Disruption Through Change

Posted by Andrea Olson on Nov 17, 2017 11:00:07 AM

Written by Andrea Olson, MSC and CEO of Prag’madik

We all know change is inevitable. There's also been a lot of talk, especially in the manufacturing sector, about impending disruptions, or creating disruption to transform the industry. No one wants to be disrupted, or caught off guard when something new comes along and upends your business. You can't predict the future, but you can protect your organization from disruption through change.

What do we mean by change? Change doesn't have to be massive. Change can be small. Incremental. Change is the basis for which every successful business operates. Finding new ways to do things simpler, faster, and easier. Identifying and acting upon new customer and market needs. Modernizing the way you do business. Staying open to new ideas.


Aneesa Muthana, President and Owner of Pioneer Service Inc., elected to the IMEC Board of Directors

Posted by Amy Fitzgerald on Mar 30, 2017 6:00:22 PM

Aneesa Muthana is a hands-on leader with experience in almost every aspect of manufacturing in a production machining and grinding environment. In 1993, Aneesa took the helm of a small struggling motor-shaft manufacturing company and grew a stable business employing up to 50 people full-time. Her determination and passion drove her to learn and provide the leadership necessary to grow the company substantially over the next twenty years. In 2013, understanding a change in the economic landscape due to off-shoring, she began the process of transforming her company from the business of making motor-shafts to the business of making complex Swiss CNC machined parts for automotive, medical,  motion control and other industries. To generate this transformation, she tackled improvements in the organization’s manufacturing information system (ERP), marketing and extensive employee re-training and hiring of diverse talent, taking full advantage of federal, state and local programs to help finance the changes.


How do your leaders drive Performance Excellence?

Posted by Amy Fitzgerald on Aug 18, 2016 11:32:50 AM

So you think you are ready to pursue a Baldrige award?

Your organization leaders may start reviewing the criteria for achieving an award and see that it is quite overwhelming. This article is written to give you some insight into one very important piece of the criteria – Leadership and creating a successful organization.


Transatlantic Cluster Conference on Metalworking

Posted by Marketing Support on Jul 6, 2016 11:28:22 AM

July 11th - Chicago Region/Germany Convening
Best Practices and Trends in Metalworking

Together with our partner,
German-American Chamber of Commerce - Midwest,
CMMC and IMEC invite you to our Transatlantic Cluster Conference on Metalworking on July 11, 2016 in Chicago, IL.

German and American cluster organizations will share their best-practices and provide insight into technological trends, skilled workforce developments, and international collaboration opportunities in the metalworking industry.

Forge new connections and explore partnership options in metal manufacturing.


Next Generation Leaders...Envisioning the Business through a New Set of Eyes

Posted by Rob Newbold on Jul 15, 2014 10:52:33 AM

Written by Rob Newbold, IMEC Manufacturing Specialist

It started for me when my dad asked me to program the VCR as a teenager.  For the first time, I could see that my knowledge set, experience at electronics, and willingness to test ideas was greater than his.  Now that I’m a dad, I realize it may have been that he was just too tired to get behind the TV to make all the connections and wanted to give me a sense of accomplishment.  Depending on which eyes you see a situation from can provide a very different set of outcomes.


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