Gain Client Commitments to Move Opportunities Forward

Posted by Ryan Langdon on Apr 30, 2020 2:25:03 PM

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At a time when our supply chains need to be as connected as ever before on a business to business level, we find ourselves in a situation where we are more disconnected than ever on a personal level. This means that manufacturing sales teams have even more adversity when trying to secure meetings, identify opportunities, and close deals. This also means that the opportunities in our pipelines are more precious than ever and might be the difference in being able to keep the doors open or not.

A way to keep opportunities moving through the pipeline is having a mindset of shared commitments between the sales team and prospective clients. These are activities or deliverables that must be accomplished in order to ensure the right solution is being proposed, everyone who needs to be involved is, and that the outcome that is expected is executed on - by both sides. Marching though these commitments with a client team using a mutual action plan could be a good way to keep both sides engaged on a shared vision of what done looks like. Consider having a shared action plan on a cloud platform so that all parties involved can view and update tasks, status, and details.

Prospective clients are sometimes looking for someone to help them through the buying process.  Being the resident expert who is able to guide them through this tough time might be just what is needed to get to “yes” a little quicker and more often.

If you don’t know what these commitments might be or need more information on how to develop them further check out guys like Jeb Blount and Anthony Iannarino for a masterclass on them, or contact IMEC.


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Written by Ryan Langdon

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