Crossing Borders to Canada: Food & Beverage Export Workshop

Posted by Marketing Support on Feb 15, 2017 4:09:15 PM

Have you been contemplating an export program to Canada? Start with a closer look at key strategies for success as highlighted by The Hatchery.  On February 21st from 4-7pm, The Hatchery will host an insightful workshop on expanding your food business into the Canadian market.

The Hatchery Chicago
This event will introduce information on Canadian food, restaurant trends, labeling regulations, incentive programs, and more. They will also provide knowledge about valuable financial and distribution strategies to allow a successful launch and growth of your business in the Canadian markets. This workshop will feature an industry specialist from Toronto who will be sharing his insight on the market.

Key points will include an overview of the Canadian market, trends and insights, currency exchange, ingredient guidelines, distribution & sales channels, labeling regulations, incentive grant programs, and resources! This is an excellent opportunity to expand your food industry horizons into a booming market.

Contact Information:
Date: February 21st 2017
Time: 4-7 pm
Location: 320 N. Damen Avenue
Chicago, IL 60612 United States

Learn more and register online at:

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