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Posted by Amy Fitzgerald on Jan 13, 2015 9:36:22 AM

Time is money. QRM means reducing lead times for tasks throughout your company, allowing you to manufacture products for specific customer needs. The result is quick response, improved quality, and lower cost.

Rick Bastian, Chairman and CEO of Blackhawk Bank is pleased to introduce local manufacturers to the innovative concepts of Dr. Rajan Suri, Founder of QRM (Quick Response Manufacturing). On February 3rd, join Blackhawk Bank and area partners for an afternoon seminar that takes a closer look at QRM.

Quick Response Manufacturing - Dr SuriQuick Response Manufacturing is a transformative manufacturing strategy. Companies have reduced their lead times by 80-90% while also reducing their costs by 15-20%.

  • Improve productivity & profitability
  • Gain competitive advantage in quality & cost
  • Produce what customers want, when they want it

QRM is ideal for job shops, machine shops, and custom fabricators - Effective for manufacturers that struggle  with inventory imbalances, have trouble meeting customer delivery requirements, or push "hot jobs" through on a regular basis.

Limited seating is available for the event - Please RSVP by contacting Caitlin Ludwig of Blackhawk Bank at 815-986-7196 or via email at cludwig@blackhawkbank.com.

Learn more about the event by downloading the program brochure.

For additional information about QRM or manufacturing focused services, please contact IMEC at info@imec.org.


Amy Fitzgerald

Written by Amy Fitzgerald

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