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Posted by Marketing Support on Sep 28, 2012 2:04:41 PM

Several new Buy America Opportunities are being issued by NIST- MEP for the U.S Department of Energy and Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy. If you are a U.S. manufacturer currently making these or similar items, or have the capability to make these, and would like to pursue the Buy America opportunity, please contact IMEC.

The seven opportunities are as follows:

  1. Break Away Flanged Coupling- to protect FOG piping from breakage more information
  2. Roller-Coaster Disc Coupling- For Beach Bay Amusement Park more information
  3. Breakers- for the LSU Medical Schoool Air Handeling Upgrade more information
  4. Polypropylene Random Piping System- for the MSU Dome Geo Conversion Project more information
  5. Air to Water Split Type Heat Pump
  6. (20) 3', (24) 8', and (72) U-shaped, LED fluorescent replacement lamps, with prices.
  7. A 100 ton (or near that size) absorption chiller

Learn more about the NIST-MEP Buy America Supplier Scouting program or check out the Made in Illinois webpage at

The deadline to scout this opportunity is October 2, 2012

For all questions about this Buy America opportunity and others, please contact Amy Fitzgerald, IMEC Marketing Coordinator at 309-677-2977 or


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