Manufacturers, Your Story Is Your Best Competitive Advantage

How Do I Make Google Like Me?

Is Your Website Content Out-of-Date?

Identifying and Eliminating Waste Caused by COVID-19

DOL’s Latest Revisions Clarify Employer Responsibilities Under FFCRA

What is the Difference Between CMMC, DFARS, and NIST 800-171?

Get to Know IMEC’s Board of Directors: Ashley S. Moy

Cybersecurity Common Sense is Not Always Common Practice

Training within Industry - Job Instruction (TWI-JI) During a Pandemic

Internal Penetration Test vs Vulnerability Assessment: Which is Right for You?

How Automation and AI May Help Level the Playing Field for Women in Manufacturing

Illinois Machine Shops Eligible for Exclusive Access to Market Research to Achieve Global Competitiveness

Five Helpful Lean Tools Manufacturers Can Use Today to Improve Productivity

IMEC Launches Premier Domestic Manufacturing Program to Boost Import Substitution

High-Mix/Low-Volume Manufacturers Are a Sweet Spot for Collaborative Robots

Lean Through COVID-19: Adapting Lean Tools To Changing Times

Questions and Topics to Reduce Variability and Improve Visibility in this Ever-Changing New Normal

Maximizing Workforce Productivity with Online Training Opportunities

Out of Sight, Out of Mind? Managing Remote Workers - Part 2

Out of Sight, Out of Mind? Managing Remote Workers - Part 1

From Crisis to a New Competitive Future: Time to Take Control

DOL Issues New Guidance in Response to COVID-19 Pandemic

Post COVID Travel Costs

How to Host a Virtual Manufacturing Day Event

What to do During an OSHA Inspection

How to Seize a Digital Transformation Opportunity in COVID Times

Infographic: The Defense Manufacturing Supply Chain

The New Supply Chain: Back in the Game

Managing Productivity

The Story of Illinois Manufacturing - IMEC Client Survey

7 Manufacturing Digitization Challenges — and How to Overcome Them

Is it Really Still Business as Usual?

The Value Adding Associate

COVID-19 Prevention Guidelines in 14 Languages

Strengthening your Quality System Post COVID-19

Restarting Your Facility

Cover Smart. Do Your Part. Slow the Spread

HVAC Best Practices Post COVID-19

How to Implement Standard Work in a Covid-19 Environment

10 Points of Concern During a Recession

The New Supply Chain: Spring Training

Leaders: It is Time to Walk the Line -  Listening and Responding to your Customers and Employees

Common Themes from Employee Engagement Pulse Surveys to Guide Leaders as Employees Return to Work

How to Upskill Workers When You Cannot be Face-to-Face

Trim-Tex Team Takes on Six Sigma Green Belt Training

Illinois COVID-19 Manufacturing Heroes: Gold Eagle

How COVID-19 has Exposed Opportunities to Optimize Information Systems

Illinois COVID-19 Manufacturing Heroes: Mighty Hook

Manufacturing 4.0 and digital transformation

Better Meetings, Stronger Teams

OSHA Revises COVID Guidance…. Again

St. Charles Manufacturer Receives Illinois Manufacturing Innovation Voucher and Kane County Innovation Voucher

Reopen with Confidence – Illinois Manufacturing Return to Work and Recovery Guide

Paycheck Protection Program Loan Update

The New Supply Chain: Status Quo

Lean Innovation: What Manufacturers Can Learn From the Tech Sector’s Appropriation of Lean Thinking

Facility Startup Checklist

Connect with Clients Quickly by Building Rapport in the Conversation

Illinois COVID-19 Manufacturing Heroes – KOVAL Distillery

Gain Client Commitments to Move Opportunities Forward

Decisions about Face Covering in Manufacturing

How to Structure your Large Data Sets

Listening to Your Employees:  Employee Engagement Survey During a Crisis

How are you Getting Better at Getting Better?

Success Leaves Clues

Using 80/20 in your Crisis Rebound Strategy

Four Strategies to Use Now to Adjust and Improve Cash Flow During a Crisis

Illinois COVID-19 Manufacturing Heroes: Pureline Treatment Systems

Developing Leaders During a Crisis

Training Within Industry: Job Instruction - Why Now?

7 Ways Companies can Differentiate and Stand out from the Competition

Pivoting & Managing a Crisis:  Effective Business Continuity Plans

The New Supply Chain: Make a Difference

Balancing Home and Work Life While Working From Home

How is Your Respiratory Protection Program?

Do More with Less – The march of Productivity

Gaining Trust in a Crisis

Lessons for Our Times from Two Iconic Leaders

COVID-19 and Problem-Solving Skills

COVID-19 Risk Mitigation Checklist

Preventative Maintenance Now for Success Later

The New Supply Chain: Re-Invent

Four Key Elements of an Effective Risk Management Program

Strategy in a Time of Uncertainty

The 5S Game: Improve Productivity and Quality

Three Foundational Reasons Productivity Levels Vary

Made in Illinois Featured Company: Dovee Manufacturing

The New Supply Chain: Rebalance

COVID-19 Pandemic: Manufacturers’ Greatest Time of Need

A Pandemic Shows How Organizations Can Change Faster Than They Think

Building Confidence and Loyalty During a Crisis

Effective Communication Practices when a Quick and Reliable Response is Needed

Department of Labor – Required Poster

Remote Work Best Practices #3: Remote Work Policies

Mitigating Risk in Virtual World

Illinois Manufacturing Helpline Tip of the Day: COVID-19 Respirators (N95 Filtering Facepiece)

What's Next? Preparing Employees for Rapid Increase in Production

Remote Work Best Practices #2: Unemployment and Remote Work

Short-Term Disruptions Can be a Catalyst for Innovation in Long-Term Growth Planning

Mitigating Cybersecurity Risks During a Crisis

Illinois Manufacturing Helpline Tip of the Day: Employee Safety During Stay at Home Order

10 Practical Things Manufacturers Can do to Respond to the COVID-19 Pandemic

Remote Work Best Practices #1: OSHA Guidelines and COVID-19 Symptoms

Pandemic in Cyberspace – Are You Prepared?

Illinois Manufacturing Helpline Tip of the Day: Essential Businesses and the "Stay at Home" Order

The New Supply Chain: Pandemic

Stay in the Game While Working Remotely

How to Market to New Customers When Orders are slow

Made in Illinois Featured Company: ASMC Industrial

Pritzker Announces Stay at Home Order

Telework Security Basics

Preventing Eavesdropping and Protecting Privacy on Virtual Meetings

Made in Illinois Featured Company: RAND Manufacturing Network, Inc.

What Is Manufacturing’s Greatest Challenge?

20 Cybersecurity Statistics Manufacturers Can’t Ignore

Coronavirus:  How Manufacturers Can Prepare & Plan for COVID-19

Meet StratMarketing Group, the Relationship Builders for Illinois Manufacturers

Caring: One Path to Improve Workplace Safety

What's Important for IIoT Planning (and What's Just Noise)?

Efficiency Starts with PTP: Process, Training, People

Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) Version 1.0 Released

The What, Why, and How of Strategic Planning

Addressing the Workforce Challenge: Inspirations from the 2020 Conference on Enterprise Excellence

Kane County Partners with IMEC to Ignite Manufacturing Innovation and Productivity in Kane County

Exports: A World of Opportunities

Skills Gap Analysis Project: Building the Workforce of the Future with Chicago Manufacturers

Industry 4.0 Can Solve the Productivity Gap: Five Actions for Leaders of Small and Mid-sized Manufacturers

10 Hot Leadership Topics for 2020

770 Companies Report Impacts that are Improving Illinois Manufacturing

2020 Conference on Enterprise Excellence: Learning from High-Performing Organizations Across Industries

5 Ways to Embrace Industry 4.0

Team Spotlight: Mary Hallock

Made in Illinois Featured Company: Termico Technologies

Why You Know More About Industry 4.0 Than You Think

Igniting the Future of Illinois Manufacturing: The Illinois Manufacturing Innovation Voucher

Announcing the 2019 IMEC Awards for Excellence Recipients

ISO 9001 and the Power of a T-Shirt

Staying Safe While Traveling

IMEC – 228 years in the making!

The Importance of Productivity

The Food Safety Modernization Act in a Nutshell

The 5 Common Cybersecurity Threats to Manufacturers

The Bus Factor - Talent and Succession Planning to Build Your Leadership Pipeline

LMI Chicago: Taking Leaders to the Next Level

America's Promise Grant: Building a Talent Pipeline in the Calumet Region

The Impact of Manufacturing

IMEC Experts Recognized Nationally at 2019 MEP Summit

Surviving the Silver Tsunami: Participate in Manufacturing Month

Considerations for Effective Risk Management

Made in Chicago Featured Company: Dinobi Detergent

Manufacturers – Lean into Your Role in Illinois’ Economy

Regional Workforce Conference at JWCC to Help Companies Address Labor Shortage and Adapt for the Future

P2P – People to People. It’s all about people

How do you Add Value to Your Company?

In Case you Missed it - Cobots: Solving the Manufacturing Labor Challenge

Fuss and O'Neill: Helping Organizations Achieve Safer, More Cost-effective Productivity

Working Capital in Manufacturing: How to Thrive in Periods of Rising Costs & Explosive Growth

Healing a Company After a Toxic Leader Leaves

Protecting Internet Communications

Search Engine Optimization - What is it and is it Important to Manufacturers?

Made in Chicago Featured Company: Spicy Grrrls

Tough Conversations: Can They Also Be Compelling?

Team Spotlight: Mark Baer

Made in Illinois Featured Company: Midwest Turned Products

Change is Crucial, Attitude is Everything

Your Language Isn't Their Language

Made in Chicago Featured Company: Wichita Packing Company

Not Yet Using the Baldrige Excellence Framework? Five Ways Forward

Team Spotlight - Dean Harms

Digital Manufacturing for Small Manufacturers

Creating a Safe Work Environment

What Can Cobots Do for Your Business?

Getting Started with Journey Mapping: A Comprehensive Primer to Creating Your First Journey Map in Just Three Weeks!

Are Your Customers Requiring you to Use ISO Standards?

6 Questions to Ask Before Choosing a CRM

MEP National Network: Cobots Level the Playing Field

Made in Illinois Featured Company: Obsidian Manufacturing Industries

Transforming the Workforce in the Era of AI Expansion - A MAPI Foundation Research

MEP Program Shows 14.4 to 1 Return to the Federal Treasury

Incident Response Plan: The Tool You Hope You Never Need

Made in Chicago Featured Company: Sunrise Hitek Group

Made in Illinois Featured Company: The Chocolate Factory

A Practical Guide to Value Stream Mapping - Part 5, with Full E-Book

A Practical Guide to Value Stream Mapping - Part 4 of 5

Made in Chicago Featured Company: Industrial Modern Pattern & Mold

A Practical Guide to Value Stream Mapping - Part 3 of 5

A Practical Guide to Value Stream Mapping - Part 2 of 5

A Practical Guide to Value Stream Mapping - Part 1 of 5

Team Spotlight - Scott Czysz

Using Technology to Resolve Workforce Challenges

Made in Illinois Featured Company:  J-tec Industries

Effective Communication: Listening

Getting Started with Design Thinking: 6 Design Thinking Mindsets & Practices for Beginners

Spotlight on Success: 80/20 Business Optimization Process Training Improves Employee Focus, Profitability and Customer Value

Made in Chicago Featured Company: Precision Stone Design

Made in Illinois Featured Company: Bramic Industries

Smoky Joe's Clothing

Lean Best Practices & The Role of AR as a Lean Manufacturing Tool

Apprenticeship Programs: Vital to Closing the Skills Gap

Team Spotlight - Mike Waight

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